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Nice to meet you.

My logo

It originates from the Chinese character of my last name, 俞, stylized to evoke the essence of a home or studio. This design symbolizes my portfolio as a personal sanctuary, where creativity, originality, and authenticity flourish.

As a designer

With a background in psychology and communications, I am a sensitive and empathetic thinker who places a strong emphasis on creating user-centered, intuitive, and impactful digital products. My experiences living in four continents have enabled me to recognize and appreciate intercultural similarities and differences, thereby further aiding my understanding of user needs and prioritizing them in the design process.

When I'm not in front of the screen, I am...

Trying new restaurants: At a Chinese restaurant for some comfort food in Santander, Spain, where I taught English for a year.


Volunteering at church: I currently take care of sound and powerpoint in the back, but being on stage is my true passion.


Traveling the world: I seriously considered being a professional nomad before UX design caught my attention.


Grocery shopping and cooking: Gotta take safety precautions (and wear swimming goggles) when chopping onions!

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